Now Accepting Submissions

Ho'ike Kaua'i Community Television of Lihue, Hawaii, encourages viewers to submit new DVD's and video that showcase the island's hidden talent. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your own hard work displayed on-air for your friends and family to see.

All Talent Welcome

Any resident of Kaua'i may submit a DVD for airing on Ho'ike by following the procedure outlined below. Please note that a local presenter responsible for the DVD is required for off-island shows.

Public-Access Television


Guidelines and Procedures

Programs must be submitted on Standard SD DVD's.

 DVD's must be submitted with a completed DVD Submission Form. Series programs require one submission form for each DVD in the series.

 In order to expedite the approval process, DVD's must be labeled clearly and properly. Please type or print labels legibly and include the following on the cover and face of DVD:

Program Title (30 Characters or Less, including Spaces) - Leader Length before First Frame of Video - Program Length, from the First Frame to the Last Frame of Video