About Ho'ike Kaua'i Community Television

Ho'ike, which means "to show or display" is a private, nonprofit 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable P.E.G. access television corporation. Ho'ike Kaua'i Community Television currently serves the island of Kaua'i with four channels. Public access is on Channel 54, Education on channels 55 and 56, and Government access is on channel 53. Ho'ike is funded through a franchise agreement with Kaua'i's cable operator.

Local Hearts, Prolific Minds

As a public access television station for the entire island, we proudly display the creative talents of our residents. We air user-submitted content by residents who have completed our camera certification program. Join the exciting world of video production and show off your talents with us.

Community Involvement

With weekly talent shows and a comprehensive video production program, our network is dedicated to giving locals an outlet to express themselves creatively, while also teaching valuable skills. Whether you are an aspiring television personality or technician, our company helps you realize your potential.

Awards and Recognitions

Ho'ike Kaua'i Community Television is well-known for delivering quality programming. In 2010, The Alliance for Community Media presented us with the Hometown Video Award for Best Music Video and Innovative Video.

 We provide great entertainment with consistency. From 2011 to 2014, the Alliance for Community Media Western State Region have awarded us the Western Access Video Excellence Award for delivering quality local cable programming.